To guarantee the safety of all visitors and operators at the Cannstatter Volksfest, representatives of the following authorities and organisations are present on site the whole time.

- the Police

- the German Red Cross

- Security services

- Youth welfare

++ In case of an emergency please call 112 ++

Further information can be found at:


Telephone number

Drive-me-home service                                       


The most important information for a pleasant visit:

Visitors are recommended to refrain from bringing backpacks, large bags etc. All items unnecessary to one having an enjoyable time at the festival are best left at home. The quickest access to the Wasen site is gained by those not carrying backpacks or other bags. Such items will be searched at the entrances by security staff and the police.

The following objects are not permitted: irritant gas sprays, all kinds of weapons and firearms or objects that may be used as weapons, electroshock devices, vitriolic and colouring fluids, fireworks as well as gas-filled balloons and similar objects with a metal-coated surface. It is also not permitted to bring along bottles, mugs, tankards, cans or containers made of fragile or hard material.

There will be a strong police and security staff presence at the entrances. Both uniformed and civil police offices will be patrolling the Wasen site.

CCTV is in use all over the festival site. Non-stop recordings of the surveillance will not be made. Only when security-relevant incidents have to be documented or captured on film will the police make a recording for the express purpose of preventing danger or enforcing the law.

Plan your journey to the festival and use public transport: The special U11 light railway service will take you directly to the Volksfest. The Bad Cannstatt railway station is less than a 10-minute walk to the festival site.

Please follow the signposting in the area surrounding the festival site – especially when coming via the Bad Cannstatt railway station. Those wanting to go straight to the large festival tents should do so via the Elwertstraße underpass. When returning, please access the railway station via the main entrance in the Bahnhofsstraße.

Should it be imperative to travel by car, please use the designated car parks. Parking spaces for disabled persons are also signposted. It is not permitted to park in spaces reserved for residents in the area surrounding the Cannstatter Wasen. Please avoid unnecessary searches for parking spaces and observe all signs prohibiting entry to residential areas. Regular controls will be made.

Please respect the residents and their neighbourhoods: sufficient toilets and rubbish bins are available on the Wasen site and in the surrounding area. Please do not urinate on buildings belonging to others or in gardens and avoid breaking glass.

The family days with special prices and fantastic activities on Wednesdays offer lots of fun for young and old. The German Red Cross has set up a centre for children which has a nappy changing facility – as have many of the site’s sanitary facilities. For those travelling to the festival with a baby carriage/buggy via the Bad Cannstatt railway station, it is recommended you to access the Wasen via the Elwertstraße underpass. It has a ramp suitable for baby carriages. Please remember that it is nicer visiting the Volksfest when there is no crush.

The unique national “drive-me-home” service functions quite simply: if you travel to the Wasen in a car and are no longer in a fit state to drive at the end of your visit, you can still be driven back home in your car. All you have to do is pay for the driver’s return journey in a taxi and the next morning your car will be standing in front of your front door.

Every wonderful Volksfest evening has to come to an end. Due to security reasons, there is no access to the festival site for unauthorised persons from 1.30 am to 6.00 am.

Conditions of Entry

To enable all visitors to have an untroubled visit to the Cannstatter Wasen, the following  Conditions of Entry shall be in force for the duration of the "Cannstatter Volksfest" and the "Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest".

Please note it is not permitted to bring animals to the festival site. An exception is made for guide dogs which are allowed without restriction.