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On September 22, it's "O'zapft isch" in the Fürstenberg tent at the Cannstatter Wasen. As the motto suggests, in future there will be plenty of Bavarian influences in the second largest tent at the Wasen, in addition to the familiar Swabian traditions of the folk festival. Munich-based restaurateur Moritz Haake (36) is looking forward to his first Volksfest as the new host in Stuttgart. 

Culinary the already highly praised Fürstenbergzelt kitchen is to be upgraded by a new menu even again additionally.  

And also musically the "Volksfest"-visitors can look forward to great shows and a particularly varied mix of music. "Ballermann"-star Julian Summer (known for hits such as "Peter Pan" or "Dicht im Flieger") gives itself just the honor like Austria all-purpose weapon, musician and Entertainer Gregor Glanz. 

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