With the "Wasenboje", there will be an additional offer on the grounds this year, which, as a "Safer Space", is aimed specifically at girls, women and all those who identify themselves accordingly. The Wasenboje is a pilot project of the Municipal Crime Prevention and the Department for Equal Opportunities of the State Capital Stuttgart.

How do I find the Wasenboje?

The dark blue container with the neon green "Wasenboje" logo is located at the entrance to the festival area (coming from parking lot P10). With an illuminated 3-D buoy on the roof, it is easy to find.

What does the Wasenboje help me with?

If you have lost your group, need to rest, have had too much to drink or have experienced harassment, the Wasenboje is a good place to go. There, women and girls can, for example, charge their cell phones in order to find their friends again. The Wasenboje team also helps call a cab for a safe ride home or accompanies women and girls to the police if something has happened.

Who is in charge of the Wasenboje?

Six female professionals with socio-educational or psychological backgrounds have been specially trained and are on hand to offer advice and support to those seeking help. 

When is the Wasenboje open?

The Wasenboje is open daily during the entire Volksfest from 1 p.m. until the end of the festival - even longer if necessary.

More information: 

E-mail: wasenboje@stuttgart.de
Phone: +49 (0)711-216-80438