Festzeltbetrieb Weeber
Armin und Friedrich Weeber
Am Äusseren Graben 16
D-70439 Stuttgart

Tel.: +49 711 5595090
Fax: +49 711 86065079


The team from the Zum Wasenwirt marquee has put together a varied program for you. The SWR3-Wasenparties, the SparBier promotions and the Nights of the Students are just a few of the many program highlights.

The wasen-proven party band "Die Grafenberger" will provide the musical program together with the top DJs from SWR3 and DASDING.

For your physical well-being, there will be tasty Stuttgarter Hofbräu beer, freshly grilled chicken and numerous specialties from the delicious marquee kitchen.



Table reservations, the current programme of events and lots more information can be found directly on the website.